Dokan Cloud Review 2024: The Ultimate Marketplace Solution

Dokan has become synonymous with the term multivendor marketplace simply because of the ease of creating a platform within minutes. The regular Dokan plugin can be installed on WordPress alongside WooCommerce and it takes the WooCommerce plugin’s functionalities and transforms them into a multivendor marketplace. However, Dokan Cloud is a cloud based alternative to WordPress based Dokan plugin that frees itself from the constraints of the WordPress platform.

Dokan Cloud is an independent cloud based platform that builds upon the concept of Dokan and takes it a step further. The best part about Dokan Cloud is that if you don’t want to create a multivendor platform and only want to create an ecommerce website you can do that with this new and improved version of Dokan. However, you won’t miss out on the functionalities and the simplicity of Dokan the plugin because it has the same simplified setup for creating multivendor platforms.

Dokan Cloud Review

However, since Dokan Cloud is a relatively new platform and webmasters are mostly familiar with the traditional Dokan plugin many people are unsure about different aspects of this new platform. Our team got to work after the launch of Dokan Cloud with testing and evaluating this new platform. We are going to share our findings from the Dokan Cloud testing phase in this article so keep reading.

What Makes A Cloud Based Multivendor Marketplace Tool So Special?

Since cloud based multivendor marketplace tool is such a new concept most people don’t realize how big of a leap this is from a regular WooCommerce based multivendor plugin. Normally you would have to buy hosting, create a WordPress website, integrate WooCommerce with the site, and then get the multivendor platform creation abilities.

Dokan Cloud

There used to be simply too many redundant processes and prerequisites to get a functional multivendor marketplace. Not to mention almost every multivendor tool we had tested followed the same working concept including the traditional Dokan plugin.

What makes a cloud based alternative so special is that it eliminates the need for buying hosting and renewing it on a regular basis. Your multivendor platform is hosted on cloud infrastructure making it more affordable and easier to manage.

What Is Dokan Cloud?

Dokan Cloud as explained earlier is a cloud based and independent multivendor platform that lets users create an online marketplace without the need for WordPress, WooCommerce, or even buying a hosting. All you need is an internet connection and a Dokan Cloud subscription and you are ready to build and manage a multivendor marketplace.

Unlike traditionally hosted multivendor marketplaces you don’t have to constantly worry about your marketplace exceeding your current hosting plan’s limits. If you think that your platform is growing in traffic and transactions you can upgrade instantly with no downtime.

You can log in to Dokan Cloud from anywhere you are located and access, manage, or modify the marketplace or store with ease. So in short Dokan Cloud is a major step up from the plugin based Dokan multivendor tool.

Features Of Dokan Cloud

Multivendor marketplace entrepreneurs have a keen eye on the features offered by Dokan Cloud. After all this upgraded version of Dokan was marketed as a game changer in terms of features and functionalities. Without further ado here is a breakdown of all the key features of Dokan Cloud:

Centralized Dashboard

Knowing how your marketplace is doing can really help when you are creating a growth strategy or planning an expansion. Dokan Cloud has centralized dashboards that give admins key insights about the marketplace in the form of instant analytics and reports.

All you have to do is take a glance at the analytics and reports to get the bigger picture of the current status of your marketplace. Dokan Cloud gives admins access to all the data they need for decision making including current earning status, sales volume, refunds, total number of customers, and more. With the birds eye view of everything that goes on in your marketplace, you can manage it effectively.

Page Builder

Page Builder feature is self explanatory but it was a much needed functionality for building a marketplace. The page builder lets you truly customize your marketplace to make it fit your brand image and achieve the appearance you were looking for. It is a no code page builder that allows you to select the elements you want to add to the page and adjust the layout as well.

If you don’t want to do too much customization and simply want to get pages up and running you can always choose one of the default templates for this purpose.

Product Management 

Products are an integral part of any marketplace and effectively managing them can help maintain the quality and usefulness of the marketplace. The product managment feature of Dokan Cloud gives both admins and vendors complete control over how they present the products on the marketplace.

Users can select between different product categories, assign attributes, set variations, and add custom product details to make it stand out.

The great thing about Dokan Cloud is that it supports the sale of both physical and digital products and there are product managment options for both types of products.

Subscriptions For Vendors

Dokan Cloud has added a great feature to help admins generate more income through their marketplace in the form of subscriptions for vendors. Admins can create subscriptions that are priced differently and offer varying levels of access to the marketplace.

As a result, vendors can choose subscription plans that fit their needs and admins can generate extra revenue from their platform in the process.

Live Chat Through Social Media

Customers love good communication when buying a product and with the Dokan Cloud live chat feature the process of reaching out to customers is even more convenient for vendors. Vendors can chat with customers via Facebook and WhatsApp and can even promote their products via these social media platforms.

MailChimp Integration

Similar to the social media integration options Dokan Cloud also allows vendors to use email marketing to boost their store sales. Vendors can send emails related to orders once they are placed or use MailChimp’s features to promote their products and get more sales.

SMS Updates

While the social media and email communication features open new gateways for effectively connecting with customers SMS updates feature of Dokan takes it to a new level. With SMS updates vendors can inform customers about their order status, new offers, or send delivery notifications.

Vendor Payout Requests

Dokan Cloud solves a major issue for vendors with vendor payment requests that allow vendors to simply request their funds to be released whenever they need them the most. This feature puts vendors in control of their revenue and by being able to access funds when necessary vendors can cover their expenses more efficiently.

Apart from these new features Dokan Cloud shares plenty of features with the traditional Dokan plugin as well.

Pricing Plans For Dokan Cloud

Dokan Cloud offers 3 distinct pricing plans that offer access to all the features of the platform but there are differences in how many vendors you can add to each plan. Considering the cost of Dokan Cloud plans is all-inclusive and you don’t have to worry about hosting and buying additional plugins it is an affordable alternative to using WooCommerce based solutions.

Here are the three Dokan Cloud Pricing plans you can choose from:


The Basic plan as the name suggests is the entry level Dokan Cloud plan that is ideal for companies that are starting out and don’t want to spend too much money on setting up a multivendor platform from the get go. This plan costs $69 per month and there is an additional charge of 1% of your platform revenue that will go to Dokan Cloud if you buy this plan.

This plan lets you set up a marketplace that can have up to 100 vendors and you can’t add more vendors without upgrading to a more comprehensive plan.


The Growth plan by Dokan Cloud is geared toward companies that have outgrown the 100 vendor limit and want to expand their vendor base. This plan has enough resources and vendor capacity to meet the growth needs of a marketplace. In addition, you still get access to all the features of the Dokan Cloud platform with the Growth plan.

The price of the Dokan Cloud Growth Plan is $129 per month and you are required to pay 0.75% of your marketplace revenue to Dokan Cloud if you buy this plan. You can add up to 250 vendors to your marketplace if you choose the Growth Plan.


If you want to go all in on your multivendor marketplace project then Dokan Cloud has the Scale plan that has everything unlocked for unrestricted access. The cost of this plan is $399 per month with 0.5% of your revenue going to Dokan Cloud. However, with this plan, you can add unlimited vendors to your marketplace and there is no limit to how big your marketplace can get on the Scale plan.

In addition to these three plans, you can also choose the Enterprise package by Dokan Cloud which is an exclusive plan that is ideal for enterprises. If you want to activate the enterprise plan for Dokan Cloud you will have to contact customer support and get it activated by them.

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Dokan Cloud vs Dokan Plugin

By launching Dokan Cloud weDevs has essentially put two versions of their multivendor tool against each other. So naturally people who want to buy either tool are unsure how both of these options compare.

The main difference between the two is that while Dokan Plugin relies on WordPress and WooCommerce to bring the online marketplace creation functionality to users that is not the case with Dokan Cloud. Dokan Cloud on the other hand is not associated with WordPress nor does it require any third party tools to be integrated with it in order to work.

Apart from the way both of these options work another way the Dokan plugin and Dokan Cloud differ is the performance of the marketplace itself. There are simply too many plugins linked with Dokan Plugin which can ultimately slow down the performance of the marketplace. Users may experience prolonged loading times and accessibility issues. Not to mention the hosting speed further affects the user experience and the functionalities of the Dokan Plugin.

On the other hand, Dokan Cloud doesn’t rely on any third party plugin or hosting provider, and therefore a marketplace based on Dokan Cloud will perform much faster compared to Dokan plugin.

Last but not least Dokan plugin based marketplaces have to share data through certain third party plugins that can put your website at risk. Dokan Cloud is a completely independent platform that keeps all data transfers internal so that any party outside the platform accesses no data.


Dokan Cloud is without a doubt a revolutionary advancement in the online marketplace community and it is something a lot of multivendor entrepreneurs have been waiting for. After our initial testing, we found Dokan Cloud to be a much more streamlined and efficient method for creating and maintaining a website.

So as far as we are concerned we would recommend Dokan Cloud to anyone who has plans to use a multivendor plugin due to its centralized operation and better features of the cloud version of Dokan.

Dokan Cloud

Dokan Cloud is the more centralized and independent version of Dokan multi vendor tool. It lets you do everything you expect from a multi vendor platform but without relying on WordPress and here is a complete dissection of this tool's features and it's differences from the Dokan Plugin.

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