25% Off Dokan Coupon and Discount Code – June 2024

The Dokan multivendor plugin has enabled thousands of entrepreneurs to create and actively run their online marketplaces. The free version of Dokan is enough for those who are just testing the waters of the multivendor marketplace business model. However, it takes the pro plans to help your marketplace reach new levels of success and growth.

There is no denying that buying Dokan pro plans, especially the more expensive ones is a significant investment for those who are just starting their multivendor marketplace platform. However, there are ways you can reduce the price of your favorite Dokan plugin plan, and discount coupons are the most effective way to do so.

We are always looking for new coupon codes for Dokan to bring to our readers and this time we bring you a 25% Off Dokan plugin to maximize your savings. This article is going to share the 25% off coupon and explain the exact method to redeem it along with the amount of money you can save by applying the coupon. So keep reading until the end to learn how you can buy the Dokan plugin at a discounted price.


25% Off Dokan WordPress Subscription Plans

Use this code to save up to 25% on Dokan subscription plans in May 2024!
Expired On March 8, 2025

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Get Dokan WordPress Starter Plan for $149 Only

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Get Dokan WordPress Professional Plan for $249

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Get Dokan WordPress Business Plan for $499 Only

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What is the 25% Off Dokan Discount Code?

Before you go ahead and apply the Dokan code you have to know the unique code that you can apply at checkout. The code for the 25% discount coupon is “GET25” which is easy to remember and apply when buying a Dokan subscription.

Dokan Coupon

This code is valid at the time of writing this article and it is applicable to all premium Dokan plans. The best part is that you will get a guaranteed 25% discount by applying this code at the time of purchase. So if you were waiting for Dokan to drop their prices so you can buy a Dokan subscription you don’t have to wait around for a sale to buy Dokan at a lower price. You can apply the GET25 code at any time of the year and get an instant discount.

How Can You Use The 25% Off Dokan Coupon Code?

Ok so now that you know the code to get 25% off on Dokan plugin purchases you are probably wondering how you can apply this code. Luckily using the 25% Dokan Coupon is easier than finding the code in the first place. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to apply this discount code and avail a 25% discount on your Dokan plugin:

Step 1. Memorize or copy the discount code GET25 before you start the coupon redemption process.

Get Dokan Coupon

Step 2. Now go to the official website of Dokan and click on the pricing section at the top of the homepage.

Step 3. Here you will be able to see 4 distinct Dokan plugin plans apart from the free one. Go through all the features these plans have to offer and pick one that has the features you were looking for.

Dokan Pricing

Note: You can also find a detailed comparison of all 4 Dokan pricing plans at the bottom of the pricing page to get a detailed idea overview of what each plan does and doesn’t have.

Step 4. Pick the plan you want to purchase and once you reach the checkout apply the GET25 coupon code in the designated section and the discount will be applied to the total price.

How Much Can You Save On Dokan Plans With a 25% OFF Coupon?

By now you know that the discount coupon GET25 gives you a 25% discount on all pricing plans. However, it can be a bit confusing to know exactly how much money you will be saving if you use the GET25 coupon with Dokan.

Below is a breakdown of exactly how much money you will be saving with the 25% Off coupon when buying from Dokan’s official website:

Starter Plan

Dokan Starter Plan has all the basic features you need to pursue your multivendor marketplace business professionally. This plan gives you access to the premium features you don’t get with Dokan free version and you can also use a few modules if you have the Starter Plan.

The price of the Dokan Starter plan is $149 per year without the discount coupon applied however if you apply the 25% off coupon to it the price reduces to $111.75. So the 25% coupon code lets you save $37.25 on the Dokan Starter plan.

Professional Plan

Dokan Professional Plan has the features and modules that a seasoned multivendor marketplace owner expects from a tool. This plan gives you access to advanced features, multiple domains, and useful modules.

The Professional plan costs $249 per year before the discount and with the 25% off code applied its price drops to $186. So you can save $62.25 when the code is applied at the time of checkout.

Business Plan

Business Plan is a full-fledged plan with a majority of features and modules unlocked and available for use. Many users who want the best value for money choose the Business Plan by Dokan to meet the needs of their full-scale multivendor marketplace.

The before discount price of the Business Plan was $499 and when you apply the GET25 coupon to it the price drops to $374. So in total, you can save $124 if you use the code at the time of the Dokan Business plan purchase.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan is the ultimate Dokan plan with no restrictions or limitations. If you want to attach a large number of domains with your Dokan account then the Enterprise plan is the only viable option. This plan has all the features and modules along with the ease of setting up your marketplace and priority customer support.

You get all the benefits of the Enterprise plan for $999 however after you apply the 25% off code to it the price goes down to $749 so you can save a whopping $249 on the Enterprise plan with this discount code.

What Are Some Premium Features Of Dokan Multivendor Plugin?

Dokan Plugin

If you buy the Dokan Business or Enterprise plan you won’t miss out on any of the major features of this plugin. Here are all the key features you get with the Dokan multivendor plugin:

Auto Withdrawl For Vendors

Every vendor is going to join your marketplace to make money and Dokan comes with an auto-withdrawal feature that only requires admins to set the frequency of withdrawals. The amount will then be automatically available for withdrawal at the designated time intervals.

Commission Options

Admins can not only set the commission rates for all the vendors of the marketplace but they can also set different commission rates for specific vendors. The ability to choose the commission options makes Dokan premium plans a great way to maximize their profits.

Dedicated Dashboards

Both the vendors and admins get their own designated dashboards that they can use to see performance stats and reports. Admins can see how many sales are being made by each vendor and the total sales volume of the marketplace while vendors can manage their stores using the information provided by the dedicated dashboard.

Product Bulk Edit

Editing product listings one by one might seem like a feasible option when you have a small online store. But if your store has a large number of product listings it can be difficult to edit or update each one. The product bulk edit feature by Dokan lets vendors edit multiple products at once saving time and effort.

Coupon Creation

With the coupon creation feature of Dokan admins can create and offer coupons for specific stores, or products. This feature is a great way to drive traffic to the marketplace through attractive discounts. Admins can even choose to exclude vendors from the coupon application from within this feature.

What Are Modules In The Dokan Plugin?

Each Dokan plugin plan gives you access to features similar to the ones mentioned above and modules or add ons. These add ons are designed to enhance the functionality of the plugin by extending its capabilities. The better the plan you buy the more modules you will get. Here are all the modules you can get from the top Dokan plugin plans:

  • MANGOPAY Integration
  • Minimum Maximum Order
  • Razorpay Integration
  • Product Advertising
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • Single Product Multivendor
  • Follow Store
  • Wirecard (MOIP)
  • Return and Warranty Request
  • Request for Quotation
  • Vendor Staff Manager
  • Export Import
  • Product Enquiry

These are just some of the major modules you can access with Dokan Pro plans and there are a total of around 40 modules that users can avail of with the premium plans.



The 25% Off Dokan coupon can prove to be the break you were looking for to buy this plugin at a lowered cost. With the ability to save up to $249 on the more expensive plans this discount coupon is worth a try and the best part is this coupon is still valid and you can redeem it now.

All you have to do is follow the steps for claiming the discount in this article and enjoy a 25% discount on Dokan pro plans.


25% Off Dokan

Dokan has recently introduced a 25% discount coupon for all their premium plans this may. Keep reading to learn about the code and how you can use it to get a discount on your next Dokan purchase.

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Price Currency: USD

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Multivendor Marketplace

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