WeDevs Sale 2024: 50% Off During WordPress 21st Anniversary

WordPress has powered millions of websites to build their online presence. To celebrate the 21st anniversary of WordPress, WeDevs is putting many of its products on sale. You can save up to 50% from May 27th to June 6th during the sale window.

WeDevs is a popular software development company and maker of the Dokan marketplace plugin. Its projects have been immensely successful currently having over half a million customers.

The list of WeDevs products includes Dokan, the WP User Frontend plugin, WP Project Manager, and wePOS. All of these plugins are on sale. You can buy wePOS with a 50% discount after availing of the anniversary discounts this week.

Wedevs Sale

In this article, I will provide all the details about the WeDevs 2024 sale during the WordPress anniversary!

WeDevs 2024 Sale!

WeDevs is offering lucarative discounts (you can save up to 50%) on its major products during WordPress’ anniversary week. Those using our affiliate link get to save 21% on the Dokan plugin. Our links also help you get 35% off WP Project Manager without any extra work.

Wedevs Discount

The following discounts are active through May 27 and June 6th 2024:

21% Off Dokan: Our readers can get a special 21% discount on the Dokan plugin and web version with the affiliate link. This discount is active on all of Dokan’s pricing plans.

35% Off WP User Frontend: The front-end user plugin of WeDevs is also on sale currently. You can get up to 35% off its pricing plans with our discount link. This discount only applies to the Business plan. You get 25% and 30% off its smaller plans though.

35% Off WP Project Manager: Customers can get a up to 35% in savings on the WP Project Manager plugin. There is a 35% discount on its largest plan. And then you save 30% and 25% as you go to the lower pricing plans.

35% Off Appsero: The special affiliate link on our website also gets you discounts on Appsero. The highest you can save is 35%. Smaller plans have 30% and 25% off respectively.

35% Off Happy Addons: The addons provide extra functionality to your website. Get your favorite plan and save up to 35% using our affiliate discount link!

35% Off WP ERP: WeDevs also offers discounts on the WP ERP plugin during WordPress’ anniversary celebrations. Our readers can save up to 35% on WP ERP this week.

35% Off weMail: This product simplifies email marketing at an affordable price. Save up to 35% off its plans with the WeDevs sale in 2024. Make sure to grab the offer before it’s gone June 6th.

50% Off wePOS: wePOS has the highets discount off any WeDevs products currentnlt on sale. Our worldwide readers can save up to 50% off their favorite plans of wePOS. The beauty of this discount is the sitewide 50% discount on all plans!

About WeDevs

WeDevs is a software development platform founded by an expert team with 16 years of experience. The company was officially launched in 2012. Since then, it has created and sold many WordPress products.

The company strictly adheres to ease-of-use principles along with brilliant design. All its products check the boxes for simple user interface, optimized code on the backend, and a striking frontend.

The WP Project Manager is built by WeDevs to assiste website owners managing several projects at once. Its Dokan plugin helps anyone build a multivendor marketplace online. Similarly, it offers products for real-time WooCommerce conversion tracking.

All products have separate pricing soluitions. However, you can be certain that every product has flexible pricing plans suiting various types of customers.

Let’s first get into the details of its sale event. Then I will tell you more about its products!

Popular WeDevs Products in 2024

I will tell you about some of the best WeDevs products since you can get them with huge discounts currently.

1. Dokan

Dokan is a plugin by WeDevs that helps you create a multivendor marketplace. The result is almost similar to platforms like Amazon and eBay, if not better. Dokan offers flexible pricing plans for various customers.

You can buy the smallest Dokan pricing plan for $149 only. Additionally, it offers a free plan for those new to the niche. The WeDevs sale puts 21% off all Dokan plans for this week only!

2. WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend is an all-in-one solution to user subscriptions, form building, and publishing on WordPress. The plugin has a drag-and-drop builder and lets you create custom fields for all forms.

WP User Frontend has four pricing plans including one free option. The pricing for its premium plans starts from $49 a year. The highest discount on its plans is 35% for the time being.

3. wePOS

wePOS is another WeDevs product to help you succeed in your online selling business. The plugin enables you to keep track of all the WooCommerce sales and other information of your website. It is customizable with features like receipt generator and sale management options.

wePOS has four pricing plans all of which you can get with a 50% discount at the moment. The normal price for its smallest plan is $199 a year. The discounted price for this plan is only $99 yearly.

Wrap Up

WeDevs is a seasoned software company mainly focusing on WordPress products. It has created best-selling plugins like Dokan, wePOS, and WP Project Manager. It offers resourceful plans and many features with its products.

Its Dokan plugin has been one of the most popular options in the marketplace niche. In short, Dokan creates incredible WordPress software.

The purpose of this artice is to inform you about the WeDevs sale that currently gets you a 50% discount on some of its products. I have provided all the information about the different discounts on the WeDevs products in the article!

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