Dokan Affiliate Program 2024: Earn Up to 20% Per Referral

With Dokan you can earn more ways than just by creating a multivendor website. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing then Dokan gives you an opportunity to become an affiliate and earn money by referring Dokan to potential customers. With the reputation and quality control that Dokan has to offer it is easy to earn a significant amount by becoming a Dokan affiliate.

What makes Dokan’s affiliate program unique is that it allows users to earn a $600 affiliate commission per sale. So even if you are successfully referring only a few customers to Dokan each week you can earn a lot of money on the side. Besides Dokan also offers benefits on top of the commission to help your blog readers or followers save up on their purchase of any Dokan product.

Dokan Affiliate Program Review

The Dokan affiliate program is only growing in 2024 with new features and modules being added to the Dokan platform on a regular basis. So there is actual innovation taking place with Dokan that you can promote and get great deals for your audience while earning a commission in the process. A lot of influencers who want to become a Dokan affiliate have been wondering what makes the Dokan referral program worth participating in. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Dokan affiliate program for 2024 so keep reading.

What Exactly Is the Dokan Affiliate Program?

The Dokan affiliate program essentially gives the responsibility to promote Dokan products to several influencers. Each influencer or blogger gets their own unique link that can be used to track each referral that gets sent to Dokan via that unique link.

All you have to do is engage with your audience that might be interested in Dokan products in a way that they may willingly click on the affiliate link to buy the Dokan plugin. As long as you have a relevant audience that may buy multivendor marketplace tools then you can join the Dokan affiliate program and start earning a solid commission.

Dokan offers various features for its affiliates including:

  • Mentorship for Dokan affiliates by experts to help them create better and more information content.
  • Tips to improve their affiliate strategy with weekly follow-ups.
  • Offers and promotions to engage your audience and encourage them to make a purchase.
  • You can join the Dokan affiliate program completely free of cost and there are no associated fees.
  • You get on demand support from Dokan staff to help you make the most of the program.
  • Dokan offers tools and content to help you with your affiliate efforts. 

How Much Can You Earn With Dokan Affiliate Program?

The earning potential from the Dokan affiliate program is significant because affiliates can earn up to 20% on every sale that is made through their referral link. As per the Dokan affiliate official page, you can earn up to $600 on each affiliate sale.

With the Dokan affiliate program, there is no upper limit on how much commission you can earn from the program. The more referrals you make the higher your affiliate revenue will be.

One of the top Dokan affiliate earners has been able to afford a complete family vacation to Maldives just from the affiliate commission they made from sales through the Dokan affiliate program. So it goes on to show that the Dokan affiliate program can be a steady source of income and the earning potential from this program is also quite high.

How Does The Dokan Affiliate Program Works?

The Dokan affiliate program works similarly to any other affiliate program. When you create a blog post on your website or social media you need to make sure that you talk about the actual features and functionalities of Dokan. Dokan prohibits its affiliates from exaggerating the features and capabilities of the tool when promoting it.

Then you have to carefully place the affiliate link either within the blog post in case of a website or the caption of your post on social media. As long as your content is helpful and it shows the actual benefits and capabilities of Dokan to the audience they will click on your affiliate link and if they make a purchase it will get automatically recorded by the Dokan affiliate network.

Once the purchase is confirmed affiliates that referred the customer get 20% on the sale amount.

Best Practices For Dokan Affiliates

As mentioned in the previous section Dokan prohibits its affiliates from showing false or exaggerated benefits of the plugin. There are other best practices for Dokan affiliates who want to participate in the program and here are all the Dokan affiliate rules you should follow:

  • Write informative blog posts and reviews of Dokan products and services.
  • You can create video content about Dokan products on your YouTube channels and other platforms.
  • Participate in community discussions about Dokan products and services.
  • Avoid creating content that promotes Dokan’s competitors at the same time as Dokan’s products.

What Are The Benefits Of Dokan Affiliate Program?

The Dokan Affiliate program offers many benefits to affiliates and here are some major benefits you can expect:

  • Dokan gives you access to free promotional material to make engaging content that converts.
  • Get a sneak peek into the upcoming features so you can promote them before anyone else. 
  • Dokan is a reputed brand that is trusted by thousands of multivendor website owners so you can rest assured that you are promoting a credible product.
  • There are no costs or fees associated with joining the Dokan affiliate program all you have to do is register for the program to receive your unique link and start earning commissions.


The Dokan affiliate program is for anyone who either has an existing tech oriented audience or plans on creating a platform that caters to the information needs of those looking to create multivendor marketplaces. There is a lot of money to be made from the Dokan affiliate program and we highly recommend signing up for this program and starting earning affiliate income today.

Dokan Affiliate Program

Dokan has a comprehensive affiliate program that gives affiliates a chance to get up to 20% discount on each sale they make. We will explain everything you need to know about the Dokan affiliate program.

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