10 Best Multivendor WordPress Plugins In 2024

If you think that the traditional e-commerce environment is not your cup of tea then there are other ways you can leverage a website to generate revenue. Multivendor platforms don’t require the owners to set up a store and sell goods or services instead they attract sellers who are looking for a place to sell goods online. But when it comes to setting up a multivendor marketplace this is where most entrepreneurs hit a roadblock since building an online marketplace from scratch is no easy task.

Over the past decade, there have been some major advancements in the WordPress plugin market and you can now find plugins that can turn your regular ecommerce store into a multivendor marketplace.

With the rise in popularity of multi vendor marketplaces more and more plugin developers are offering multivendor plugins. It has gotten to the point where it is hard to find the top multivendor plugins without first having to dig through fake or low-quality options.

To make it easier for you to find the best multivendor plugin we have created a list of the top 10 best options after careful testing and trials. Keep reading if you want to know the 10 best multivendor plugins for 2024.

Best Multivendor Marketplace WP Plugins

Why Are Multivendor WordPress Plugins So Popular?

As mentioned earlier multivendor WordPress plugins are used for creating multivendor platforms. However, they do more than just create a marketplace and they have the functionalities needed to maintain and expand the platform.

These plugins have built-in dashboards for both admins and vendors and there are additional functionalities for receiving, processing, and delivering orders for vendors. So the fact multivendor plugins let webmasters handle the creation and managment aspects of a marketplace makes them so popular among the ecommerce community. 

Not to mention you can create, customize, and manage a marketplace using dedicated plugins without writing a single line of code. So thanks to these multivendor plugins the entrepreneurs who wanted to set up an online marketplace but were restricted by a lack of coding knowledge can start a marketplace within minutes.

10 Best Multivendor WordPress Plugins 2024

There are new multivendors WordPress plugins being launched every year and this article will only focus on the top plugins we have tested in 2024. Without further ado let’s get to the 10 best multivendor WordPress plugins of 2024:

1. Dokan

Dokan has a solid reputation for being one of the most versatile and reliable multivendor plugins. This plugin has been around for almost a decade now and it is one of the most user-friendly options for those who want to quickly create a multivendor platform and make it available for vendors and customers.

Dokan Plugin

Vendors get to customize their store and handle all major aspects of their online business while admins get a birdseye view of the stores, vendors, and sales through dedicated dashboards. If you are looking for a complete multivendor plugin then Dokan is one of the best options for you.

The ease of setting up and vendor onboarding makes this plugin extremely beginner friendly and improves the chances of marketplace success.

Key features of Dokan Include:

  • Coupon Creation
  • Making Announcements
  • Automatic Withdrawal Disbursement
  • Product Advertising
  • Shipping Management
  • Social Login & Registration
  • Earning Reports & Statements


2. MultiVendorX

MultiVendorX has a more versatile approach to multivendor marketplaces because it allows admins to create a marketplace for more than just physical or digital products. With this plugin, admins can create a multivendor website for selling subscriptions, organizing auctions, rental services, and other niche forms of marketplaces that would normally take a lot of time and money to create.


MultiVendorX has a lot of ways for admins to earn revenue from the vendors instead of just charging commissions on sales. So if you are looking for a plugin that lets you make the most of your online marketplace then this option is it. Not to mention it has the usual dedicated dashboards and analytics that you would expect from any multivendor marketplace plugin.

Some key features of MultiVendorX include:

  • Multiple Product Type Support
  • Single Product Multiple Vendors (SPMV)
  • Refund Management
  • Vendor’s Information/ Archive
  • Personalized Vendor Dashboard
  • Product import-export (PRO)
  • Stress-free Order Manager
  • Order Tracking

3. Product Vendors By WooCommerce

WooCommerce Product Vendors is ideal for those looking for a flawless integration with WooCommerce. That is because it is the official multivendor plugin so it is designed to work smoothly alongside WooCommerce to create a great user experience for vendors, customers, and admins alike.

WooCommerce Product Vendor

Companies that use Product Vendors admire Product Vendors because it is an official WooCommerce product. So you never leave your WooCommerce ecosystem if you go for this plugin. However, you only get basic functionalities from this option due to its limited features and options. There are dedicated dashboards for admins and vendors however this plugin offers more control to admins as they can directly edit vendors from their dashboard.

Here are the major features of Product Vendors:

  • Set user roles among vendors
  • Integrated with WooCommerce 
  • Set specific commission and payout rates
  • Add vendors as well as products
  • Approval option for specific vendors
  • Promote vendors to admins or managers

4. WCFM Marketplace

WCFM Marketplace is another great multivendor WordPress plugin that has a freemium pricing model. You can access most of the features that normally cost money in other plugins for free in WCFM Marketplace. However, this plugin doesn’t compromise on the functionality despite being a mostly free tool.

WCFM Marketplace

WCFM Marketplace gives admins significant control over the marketplace and the vendors that are a part of it. You can get add ons for WCFM Marketplace that further enhances its useability as a comprehensive marketplace management tool.

The biggest benefit of this plugin has to be the dedicated mobile app it offers for vendors. This app contains plenty of features for vendors including the ability to monitor the stats of their stores, customize the listings, change prices, and more. Here are all the features you get with WCFM Marketplace:

  • Reverse withdrawals.
  • Advanced shipping management for all stores
  • Store SEO
  • Administrators set roles for each staff

5. WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors Marketplace is another good multivendor plugin for WordPress that has built-in support for a large number of themes. So you can use WC Vendors Marketplace with a wide range of themes without running into compatibility issues.

WC Vendors

This plugin is also known for its simple setup process and users report its easy configuration as one of the major benefits of WC Vendors. You can create a marketplace to sell a wide range of products including digital, subscriptions, booking, or even auction-based platform with this plugin.

One of the unique features of this plugin is that you get to set up membership plans that give vendors access to features based on the level of membership. Speaking of features here are the major ones you get with WC Vendors Marketplace:

  • Comprehensive dashboards for the vendors
  • Admins control the marketplace including products and vendors
  • Ability to sell multiple products
  • A comprehensive shipping system

6. YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor has a complex name but it is extremely simple to use. Despite its simple operation it is mainly designed to create complex and large scale marketplaces with a no code approach.

Yith WooCommerce Multivendor

Admins get a lot of control over the vendors and their stores with YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor. As an admin, you can do things like changing a store’s appearance, customizing products, and more.

YITH WooCommerce also offers additional plugins related to the main multivendor marketplace plugin. By integrating these plugins with the marketplace admins can get advanced functionalities for their multivendor platform. Some major features of YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor include:

  • Scope of earning passive income.
  • Ability to accept and reject vendor applications
  • Vendor Vacation Module
  • Integrated review system
  • Sales and commission report 
  • Separate order management system for every vendor
  • Admin can centrally enable or disable sales
  • Admins can access vendors’ profiles

7. Vendor Pro

Vendor Pro is ideal for those who want to adopt the affiliate business model. This plugin lets affiliates set up a shop on your marketplace and gives the owners a chance to earn commissions on sales.

This plugin is primarily designed to facilitate the listing and selling of digital products instead of physical goods. So if you were looking for a plugin that specifically supports digital goods sales then Vendor Pro is it.

The features of this plugin also support the selling of digital products and here is a list of the main features:

  • Designed for digital products
  • Effective for affiliate businesses
  • Vendors have complete control over their product profiles
  • Vendors can create blogs
  • Vendors can hide their seller information

8. Webkul WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin

Webkul WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin has the capability to turn a regular WooCommerce store into an online marketplace. This tool offers everything you expect from a marketplace managment tool with easy setup and operational capabilities.

Webkul Multivendor Marketplace

What sets this tool apart from the rest is that it has a mobile app integration similar to WCFM Marketplace making it one of only two plugins on this list to offer this option. There are advanced controls for admins built into the admin dashboard of this plugin that let the platform owners approve or manage the products, set commission rates for each seller, and control product publishing.

Here are the best features of this plugin:

  • Support for physical or digital products
  • Users can provide Ratings & Reviews
  • Global commission rate and different commission rates for each vendor
  • Auto Approve new sellers


bAZAAR is a relatively new player in the multivendor marketplace plugin game but it is quickly rising the ranks due to its modern and sleek interface. Users of this tool admire it for its interface and attractive theme options for stores.

With bAZAAR users can modify their dashboard to their liking and admins get to manage the products, marketplace settings, and more. In short, this tool offers a blend of functionalities from other popular multivendor plugins. You won’t miss any features when using bAZAAR to set up your marketplace. The features you get with bAZAAR include:

  • Separate dashboard for each vendor
  • Predefined product categories
  • Social media login 
  • Graphical & analytical statistics for vendors and admins
  • Single Product multi-vendor feature

10. Mercado Pro

Mercade is also a newcomer in the multivendor plugin market but our tests showed that this contender packs some serious features and deserves a spot on our list. The interface of Mercado is simple and there are no frills or fancy styling involved but it doesn’t compromise on functionalities.

Mercade gives both vendors and admins a robust dashboard that is easy to understand and handles all the basics of store management effectively. But the unique thing about Mercade has to be its double data encryption system that effectively protects seller and user data. Here are the main features of Mercado to know about:

  • Centralized admin panel
  • Powerful statistical analytics
  • Vendors dashboard panel
  • Ability to log in using social platforms


There is no shortage of multivendor WordPress plugins in 2024 however good quality plugins that get the job done are hard to find. We have listed all the top performing multi vendor plugins in this article.

We hope this list will help you figure out which of the best 10 multivendor platform plugins suit your needs.

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