Dokan Pro Nulled? Here’s Why You Should Not Use It

Dokan Pro is not cheap to buy and many companies that want to set up a multivendor marketplace turn to nulled versions of Dokan to save the cost of buying the official plugin. While there is nothing wrong with trying to save cost when purchasing an item using a nulled version of a plugin is not a recommended cost saving method.

While Dokan Pro nulled version may seem harmless and similar to the official plugin it is very different from the actual plugin. Not to mention it poses a threat to the reliability and safety of the marketplace you build using the nulled tool. So even if you can get the nulled version of Dokan Pro for free the risks far outweigh the cost savings.

Dokan Pro Nulled

There are many reasons why you should never use the Dokan Nulled version and we are going to explain why using nulled plugins is a bad idea. As a bonus, we will tell you how you can save money by buying the legit Dokan Pro plugin subscription at a discounted price so keep reading.

What Exactly Is The Dokan Pro Nulled Version?

Nulled versions of Dokan Pro or any other WordPress plugin refer to a plugin that is not available via the Official  WordPress Plugin market. Instead, the nulled plugins are available via third party websites that aren’t affiliated with the actual creator or owner of the plugin.

Hackers take the official Dokan Pro plugin and reverse engineer it by adding or modifying the original code so that the premium features become accessible without paying for them. Since you don’t need to buy a subscription for the Nulled Dokan Pro version it is tempting for some people to go for the nulled version instead of the official version.

Why Do Some People Use The Dokan Pro Nulled Version?

The most obvious reason why some webmasters go for nulled version of Dokan is because they don’t want to pay for the full price of an official Dokan subscription. However, the free aspect is just one reason why some companies choose the nulled version of Dokan Pro. Here are some additional reasons for webmasters choosing the nulled Dokan Pro version instead of the real deal:

No Restrictions

The Dokan Pro Nulled version doesn’t have the restrictions that you have with the official Dokan plugin. There are no validity limitations and you can keep using the nulled version for as long as you want.

Dokan Pro Nulled Version Comes With Premium features

All the features are available to the users from the get go and you can use the nulled version to create and manage unlimited marketplaces.

Access To Advanced Features

Some Nulled Dokan Pro versions may even come with certain functionalities that you don’t normally get with the official plugin. Since the nulled version is essentially a modified version of the official plugin the hackers may add certain functionalities to it that aren’t available in the actual plugin.

Legal Aspects Of Nulled WordPress Plugins

While it is unethical to create modified versions of the WordPress plugin and distribute them for free without the permission of the original creator it is surprisingly not illegal to do so. Since WordPress is an open source platform all the free plugins are available under General Public License (GPL). Therefore hackers can access and modify plugins that fall under GPL and make them available to the public with little to no legal hurdles.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Dokan Pro Nulled

Even though it is technically not illegal to use the Dokan Pro Nulled version it can turn into a legal issue if the Nulled plugin ends up causing data loss or data theft for the users of a website. Many hackers that create nulled versions of Dokan include malicious code in the hacked plugin that can collect data from website visitors without consent. So you can end up facing legal consequences if you use a Nulled Dokan Pro plugin to create a multivendor marketplace.

Apart from the data safety issues, there are additional reasons why you shouldn’t use the Dokan Pro Nulled version, and here are some key reasons to know about:

Dokan Pro Nulled Doesn’t Get Updates

Since the Dokan Pro Nulled version is a modified version of the original software it doesn’t contain the verifications required to receive updates from the official provider. Therefore once you download the nulled Dokan Pro version you are pretty much stuck with the version you have unless you find the nulled updated version uninstall the current version and then install the update manually.

Not only is the process of manually updating a nulled plugin time consuming but it can make your website inaccessible which is never an ideal scenario.

Risk Of Unauthorized Access To Your Website

When you choose to use the Dokan Pro Nulled version you are indirectly opening backdoor channels for malicious entities to gain unauthorized access to your website. When hackers modify the official Dokan plugin they don’t follow best practices or maintain security standards. Even worse some modders may intentionally add vulnerabilities to their modified version of Dokan so anyone with the knowledge to exploit those vulnerabilities can access your marketplace and cause serious damage.

Poor SEO Compatibility

There is nothing worse than putting time and effort into setting up a marketplace using the Dokan Pro Nulled version only to realize it lacks the ability to rank in search engines. When your marketplace is built using malicious plugins it is going to contain spam or unwanted code that can trigger a deindexing by the search engine.

How To Buy Dokan Plugin At An Affordable Price?

If you were planning on using the Dokan Pro Nulled version just because the official version is expensive to buy there are ways you can buy the plugin at an affordable price. There are plenty of discount coupons available for Dokan that you can apply when buying any of the official plans of the plugin from the official website.

By applying a coupon code you can save up to 25% to 40% on your Dokan plan purchase.

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Dokan Pro Nulled may have seemed like a good option to you before you read this article. However now that you know what potential issues can be caused by using the nulled version of Dokan it should be clear why we recommend our readers avoid using it for creating their online marketplaces.

Dokan Pro Nulled

Dokan Pro Nulled version gives users access to premium Dokan features for free but the issues far outweigh the cost benefits. We will cover exactly why you shouldn't use the nulled version of Dokan plugin.

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